In July of 2004, Ms. Jennifer Lynn Palmer took a "leap of faith" and made steps towards opening her first dance studio. Her vision was to offer higher quality dance instruction to area dancers in a respectful atmosphere. She began her journey at the First United Church of Christ Church on Main Street, where they offered her the church's basement to conduct her lessons. She was pleasantly surprised during the summer when she welcomed 40 students to the Leap of Faith family.

In the fall of that same year, her student enrollment doubled. This time, Ms. Jenny moved her studio to 31 Mile Rd , Richmond Studio, where she remained for two years. In those two years, JLP's Leap of Faith Dance Studio was building and refining. Each year, the number of dancers doubled, the loyal families became part of Ms. Jenny's extended family. In 2006-2007 dance year, Ms. Jenny welcomed two new dance instructors: Ms. Trish McPherson, a popular area dance native and Ms. Laura Van Tiem, a fellow dance peer.

Mid in the 2008-2009 dance year, Ms. Jenny was pleased and a little sad when she realized that Leap of Faith had out grew the Richmond Studio when it reached over 200 students! She began plans to locate to a larger studio that summer.

The 2008 summer brought exciting times for the Leap of Faith family when we moved into the Columbus Studio located on Gratiot Avenue where we are currently. With Ms. Jenny's central drive of the love of dance, this studio has grown into a remarkable studio where dancers are proud to be students. The Columbus Studio, is double the size of the other two studios with 2300 square feet. It has two dance floors with the advanced technology including "floating floors", flat screen television in the lobby, as well as up to date stereo systems. The dancers have access to a locker room where they can leave their dance shoes and other belongings in a secure place.

The 2010-2011 dance season came with the addition of a certified Cecchetti Dance Teacher, Mrs. Mary Sherman.  Mrs. Sherman brings with her over 49 years of dance experience in the areas of Ballet and Pointe.